Disney Haul

I’m always buying new Disney merch, it’s a problem. Most things shown are more Halloween items, so be prepared. I’m living and thriving.

Here are all of the items I have purchased recently!


Jack and Zero Plush

World of Disney

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I already have a Zero plush, but I couldn’t resist THIS! They’re so cute!!!!

They also sell this inside the park at a stand next to The Haunted Mansion exit.


Vampire Teddy Plush



I have been dreaming of this day for so long and it finally came. They have a Vampire Teddy plush at Tokyo Disney and I was about to find a personal shopper to get me him because I needed him! Disneyland blessed me by releasing an even cuter version of him here and I couldn’t be happier.

They also sell this plush at World of Disney and in Disney Stores.


Hot Pink Sequin Ears



I was just scrolling through shopdisney, as I do, and came across these ears on sale. They’re pretty new so I was shocked they were already on clearance. I snagged myself a pair, because why not?

They also well this at World of Disney.



Yellow Mickey and Friends Tee

Urban Outfitters

E5D986A2-D5B7-4E1F-890E-F81822F323C8 2

I saw a YouTube wear this shirt to Disney World recently and I instantly needed it. There’s also a backside to the shirt, which is just the back’s of all of the characters. It’s funny because I knew this wasn’t park merch, so I automatically knew it was from Urban.


Nightmare Before Christmas Pin Set and Purple Mickey Tee

World of Disney and Pin Traders

8A57074E-C836-4753-B78F-9C784ECA839A 2

I literally wait so long for merch its ridiculous. I have been looking for this Nightmare Before Christmas pin set for OVER A YEAR. Like what???? Yeah, it’s been a struggle. Every time I go to the parks, I search high and low for this damn pin set. I went to Disney a week ago and when I saw this, I literally just picked it up and stared at it for a solid five minutes. I was so shocked after searching for so long, I finally found it. DISNEY PLEASE RESTOCK THINGS FASTER SO I CAN LIVE MY LIFE THANKS.

Also, this purple tee is super cute. I don’t really have anything purple so it’s a nice change.




Thanks for reading!

-xoxo, Kimmy

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