Recent Lyrics and Poems


Hey guys!

I’m so sorry I haven’t had the time lately to post frequently! It’s been crazy going back to classes and I just joined a sorority. G PHI FOR LIFE! I really want to make a blog post about my experience finding my house and the whole rush experience, so stay tuned for that!

Today, I didn’t want to leave ya’ll hanging so here are some lyrics and poems I wanted to share. I hope you enjoy!




This isn’t fair

This isn’t fun

I know I chose this for myself

But I’m done

‘Cuz I’m sittin’ in the daylight

While it’s 3 A.M., you’re sleeping in your bed

I’m waiting for a text back

And I can’t find you

I’m sittin’ in the daylight 

While it’s 6pm, and it’s messing with my head 

I’m waiting for a call back

But I can’t find you

Second Chorus:

‘Cuz you’re sittin’ in the moonlight

While it’s 12 A.M., I’m sleeping in my bed

You’re waiting for a text back

And you can’t find me

You’re sittin’ in the moonlight

While it’s 9 A.M., you’re writing songs again

You’re waiting for a call back

But you can’t find me


Untitled Poem

You wanted to live your life free like an angel

Salty wind making your hair tangled

Skipping down sandy beaches

Roaming around, your heart searches

For a love quite like yours

Something to make it soar

Living in every moment like a 90’s movie

Rushing to be one of the groupies

Throwing your heart at anyone who passed by

Taking everyday to watch sunsets

Daydream about kept promises and full hearts

Being the archer of love, you’d throw darts

7-11 nights and exploration at midnights

You made me want to live life and let go

Turned me into your frolicking daydreamer

You said I was a butterfly with my mind

Giving me wings to fly high 

Then the colors began to bleed

And maybe life isn’t meant to be

Like the 90’s teens

You couldn’t keep it clean

When your mouth would spit dirty lies

I’m starting to cut my ties

For this love to turn sour

You pretend to cower

Backstabbing anyone who passed by

Why do you sabotage yourself

When you could build a life for yourself

Midnights and hearing different sides

I’m starting to pick up two tides

I left because I knew your plan

I knew you turned me into a pawn

In your chess game

I asked for a friend, not a dealer

Rolling out cards only she’s the winner



It’s as if you never existed

In an out of my mind like a bad dream

You’re the only ghost that still haunts me

Taking up my mind when I sleep



And I test you

‘Cuz I don’t know if I can trust you

But you pass all the tests

It makes my mind rest

The way you look at me

Like I’m the most beautiful thing

To walk on this earth



Thanks for reading!

-xoxo Kimmy

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