Boy In Space

Boy In Space is a recent music discovery I found through Spotify. A Swedish boy named Robin writes and sings some of the best songs I have heard in a while. It’s been a minute since I’ve found an artist who I fall in love with, but he may just be joining that list soon.

From what I know is that he writes all his own songs. He usually produces his songs with his bother. He plays guitar, so if you prefer more stripped back, raw songs, he’s got you too.


Ever since this song came out, it has be on repeat and I have yet to get tired of it. I scream this one in my car. The acoustic version and all of the remixes are great too. This one has more of a basic trap beat, adding whimsical sounds on top making it easy to move to but intriguing at the same time. Stick to the bridge to reallyy hear Robin’s vocals take off on the song. He really did that. The boy went off.

“Setting traps in my head, messing with my mind.”


His most recent release is the most intimate and vulnerable he has gone lyrically. I appreciate it when an artist shows us their mind and their heart so openly. This is a slower and sadder song, but it is far from boring or weak. The power in his voice and the music that carries it is intense and dramatic, in the best way possible.

“You kicked me down and stole my crown.”


The first song I heard by Boy In Space and the song that hooked me in. A soft guitar in the beginning builds to a fuller chorus. That poetry line really got me though, let’s be honest. I can be a sucker for guys who write.

“I was writing poetry about you everyday.”


Moments of only his haunting voice taking up the song, followed by another trap beat and the plucking of an acoustic guitar. I love when artists appreciate a great acoustic guitar, the best instrument, in my biased opinion. A catchy song that’s easy to jam in the car to when you’re driving around Cali.

“I’ve been counting stars on top of my car, wishing ya
Would call me back and talk, mend this broken heart, giving up.”



Thanks for reading!

-xoxo Kimmy

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