Rush 2019


Hi my lovelies! So today’s post is a really fun one all about why I decided to rush and the experience as a whole. The beginning will be an overview of what each day consisted of and then the second half of this post will be more of a Q & A portion. Enjoy!


Rush Week


Day 1: PNM Orientation 9/23/19

Our Rho Gamma emailed us a few days prior introducing herself and giving us our group number. A Rho Gamma is a girl from one of the sororities that acts as our leader- walking us to all of the houses and being a source of information on all sororities. During this week, they are disassociated from their sorority, so us potential new members do not know which one they are in. The day of orientation, we were supposed to go to Campbell Hall and find our group inside. The rho gamma’s were all holding up signs and telling us where to sit inside. We sat in a large auditorium and the Panhellenic President discussed what was to come in the upcoming week. A guest speaker came and talked to us about sorority life, how she found her house, and what kinds of questions to expect. We then broke off into our groups and went to a classroom to discuss more of what was to come. They gave us all white t-shirts to wear during unity day.


Day 2: Unity Day 9/24/19

We spent the entire day going from house to house meeting girls from each sorority. There are 8 sororities at UCSB, and we visited all of them in one day. We would line up in front of the house in alphabetical order, and then we’d walk up to the front door one by one and shake hands with the sorority girl we are paired with. They would then guide us into the house and sit somewhere and just have a normal conversation. This was pretty much the same thing at every house. The first house was the most nerve raking, but after that, it was smooth sailing. The first house I actually visited was G Phi 🙂 At the end of this day, we meet with our Rho Gamma to list our preferences. We list our top 6, and drop 2 houses.


Day 3: House Tours 9/25/19

On this day, we can be called back to a maximum of 6 houses. We then get our schedule for the day and return to the houses that called us back. This day was house tours. You would again line up in front of the house, be paired with a girl from the house, and they’d take you to one room. You sit down and have a conversation, and then another girl will come in and take you to a different part of the house. Then you’d sit and have a conversation with this girl. This would repeat for 2-4 girls. At the end of this night, we would again rank the houses we liked and drop the one’s we didn’t like.


Day 4: Impact Night 9/27/19

On this day you can be called back to a maximum of 4 houses. We would line up outside the houses, be paired with a girl, and sit inside the house to have a conversation. They would then take us to sit down in a huge group and one or two girls from the sorority will stand up and talk about why they chose the house and talk about their philanthropy.

Day 5: Preference Night 9/28/19

This night is based around rituals the sororities have. They will sing songs, read speeches, etc. Same process as all other nights, just a bit less formal in a way. It’s the last day, so it’s the day you feel most comfortable with the girls. We sat in the courtyard eating mini bundt cakes and sipping on cider.


Day 6: Bid Day 9/29/19

BID DAY- BEST DAY. This day we met in a classroom and the Rho Gamma’s would call us outside one by one to give us our letters. In the envelope was a card that said which sorority you are in. I was so happy when I saw “Gamma Phi Beta” on my card. After that, we met with our sorority by Storke Tower, and then we ran to our house to have a party and enjoy the day together.



Why did I decide to rush?

It was always a dream of mine growing up to be in a sorority. You see the movies about college and I feel like sororities are so glamorized. Another reason why I decided to rush is because I’m a feminist (which means you believe men and women should be equal. that’s it.), so I thought sororities were a sweet and amazing way for women to band together and support one another.


What were my thoughts and feelings going into rush?

I honestly wasn’t even sure if I was going to end up joining a sorority at the end of the week. I was scared about rush, because I had these hopes and expectations of the girls being nice and feminists themselves. I was also preparing myself for the worse, if they were going to be mean and be in competition with one another. I wanted to see what it was really like. I went into the whole process already knowing who I am and what I want, and was at the point that if I didn’t find girls who represented what I stood for, then I wouldn’t join.


What were my thoughts and feelings during rush?

It was exhausting. These days were long and tiring. We were walking around everywhere. My feet were killing me in heels, I got hella blisters. There was a lot of anxiety too not knowing what to expect from each day. The whole process is very overhwelming. I felt like it was life or death and I was making a huge decision and I was so worried I’d choose the wrong house. There’s a lot of pressure.


Why did I choose Gamma Phi?

When you go to all of these houses, all of the girls are kind and welcoming, so it can be hard to decipher which house is for you. You have to really pay attention to the houses that you have the best and most fulfilling conversations at. Gamma Phi Beta was a house that stuck out to me each and every day. Everyday I walked into the house, I felt comfortable. The girls there are diverse, smart, strong, and a family. When I told them what I wanted to fight for in this life, they told me they wanted to fight those same battles. They cared about what I had to say.

As someone who believes in equality of all people, I thought it would be really hypocritical if I joined a sorority that was all skinny, tall, and blonde. I wanted a diverse group of girls from all backgrounds, sizes, skin tones, beliefs. I believe G Phi is a great place for this.


How do I feel now? 

It’s been a few weeks since all of this happened and I can say that I made the best decision choosing G Phi. All of the girls are still so nice and welcoming. I love getting to know each and every one of them. I know they have my back and are there cheering me on. I am so happy to have found a second home and found something great in Santa Barbara after all this time. I am unbelievably grateful and so excited to go on this journey. There’s still so much more ahead!

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