She’s a woman who feels chills roll through her body when she hears a beautiful song.


A girl who’s mission in life is to find happiness and help others find it too.


Someone who loves music with all of her mind, body, and soul. It aches to come out and she wants to scream it to the world.


A woman who cares less and less about what people think of her after every experience she goes through.


She’s warm and loving.


A woman who has gone through her own struggles and has come out on the other side stronger, wiser, and more thankful.


Someone who looks at life with stars in her eyes, seeing the beauty in every day things. The mountains, the moon, the suburban roads.


A girl who’s passion truly lies in helping others through direct contact and lyrics.


She is scarred and hurt, but is trying to learn how to not let it bring her down or trouble her.


A girl with a heart full of love just waiting for it to pour out.


Someone who was told all her life she can’t be creative because of how the stars aligned when she was born. She found her inner creativity and now no one can take that away from her.


She’s always hopeful for the future.


A woman who believes so strongly in equality, she would do anything for the world to change their minds, but she knows it’s impossible.


A girl who, over the years, finds out more and more about herself; growing into the person she’s meant to be.


She is starting to embrace how she looks.


A woman who has a need to be smart and be seen that way. She’s trying prove everyone wrong but at the same time telling herself she doesn’t have to be the best. She doesn’t have to break herself trying to spite those from the past.


She’s not perfect, and that’s okay.


A woman who is trying her best and is navigating a life she is so excited to live.



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