What It Sounds Like In My Mind


This is a list of songs that are on another level of beautiful. Every time I listen to them, they hit me in the heart. These are songs I wish I had made myself. These are songs that are the sound and feeling I hope to manifest in my own music. This is what it sounds like in my mind.

More- Halsey

The sound, the lyrics, the feeling, everything. The way it sounds so empty and echoey elicits the feeling of loneliness and longing.

Hopeless- Halsey

We already know that all the lyrics in this song hit home for me. The music sounds truly hopeless.


Tokyo Narita- Halsey

The sound of this song. The vocoder. The simplicity. The breaks in each of the lines.


Is There Somewhere- Halsey

I don’t even have words for every song on this list because I can’t put my love into words for these. Just know I love each and every one of these songs so much.


Without Me- Halsey

Halsey can put so much passion behind her lyrics and it’s what I admire so much about her songs. I can personally relate to the lyrics and I never get tired of them.


Malibu Nights- LANY

I dream of creating a break up song that takes you to that feeling of complete sadness and brokenness. LANY not only elicits this feeling and those memories with the lyrics, but with the sound of the song as well. Truly incredible. Every time I listen to this song, I’m taken back to that moment of my heart breaking into a million pieces.

Dumb Stuff- LANY

The electronic sound and how it grows and adds more onto the existing track. I tend to love these smaller songs so much. They’re unexpected and a nice break from the album. It’s a chance to experiment and really be an artist.  Wait till the end for the best part. “Oh my god, I think I’m in love.”

Intro- Ariana Grande

Another small song that gives the listener a break from the album. I love these little songs and I want to make them myself so badly.


Goodnight n Go -Ariana Grande 

The lyrics in this song are just so sweet. “why’d you have to be so cute? It’s impossible to ignore you. Why must you make me love so much?” I hope to write lyrics of love like that one day.


ghostin- Ariana Grande


Breath- The Ivy


Track 10- Charli XCX

This one is kind of an odd ball song for me to love so much, but it’s the building of all the electronic sounds that I love so much. The end crescendo is so well done.


Bloom- Troye Sivan

“I bloom just for you.” Another song with such sweet lyrics of love.

Hand of God- Jon Bellion

One of the best songs ever created, honestly. The climax at the end of all his songs mashed together…. incredible. I will never get over this masterpiece. It truly takes talent to make such a cohesive mashup.



To see the actual playlist on Spotify, go to my account villakimmy.



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