National Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2020


It’s National Eating Disorder Awareness week!

Eating Disorders are something I have been super passionate about in the past and continue to be passionate about. If you are unaware, I have had personal experience with anorexia nervosa periodically throughout my life. I am not fully recovered I don’t think, but I am stable and at a place where I am doing just fine. Through my experience with an eating disorder, I have seen the terrible low’s it can bring. I am super passionate about bringing awareness to the topic, not being afraid to talk about it, and combating it in any ways that I can.

I am aspiring to become a therapist for teens and young adults suffering with depression and eating disorders.

Everyone always questions why I’m so open about my struggles, when they are not comfortable themselves speaking it out loud. It’s normal to not feel comfortable talking about your own struggles to people. It’s normal to be scared to voice them out loud and share that information that’s so intimate and personal. I share my story because it’s the therapist in me. I hope that by sharing a part of myself, it makes someone else feel comfortable and less alone. Maybe someone can relate. Maybe someone is going through the same thing and finally feels like they’re not the only one with that problem. I share to educate people on eating disorders. I share to help.

If you happen to be struggling a bit with your own body image, I have some suggestions of exercises you can do that can hopefully make you feel more confident in who you are.



Whenever you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts towards your appearance, change the channel in your mind. Let go of the thought and move onto something completely different. Or take a moment to compliment yourself on that part of your body instead of hating on it. Focus on the positives that your legs got you from your apartment to your class on campus.



Another thing you can do is make a pact with your friends to not make negative comments about your bodies. Anytime you do, you can hold each other accountable. You can even keep a jar, and whenever someone makes a bad comment about their appearance, they put money in the jar.



The last little exercise you can do is write letters. You can write a letter to your past self who was struggling with body image. You can write a letter to societies standards and how unattainable and impossible they are. You can write a letter to the modeling industry and how many companies only hire slim models.

These are small ways that you can hold yourself accountable and take those baby steps towards thinking more positively about your own body. I hope that you find these helpful.


Here are links to some of my blog posts regarding my eating disorder if you are curious. I’ve also linked two videos from youtuber’s that I love.

My Eating Disorder

Getting Personal

Taylor Swift

Caroline Tucker

Kalyn Nicholson




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