40 Things to Do Inside


Hey y’all! I hope you’re doing alright. I know we have a lot of time on our hands now that school has been moved online, so I made a list of 40 things you can do to the pass the time while social distancing. I hope y’all enjoy and find something you can do at home!


Make A Bullet Journal

I have fallen off and gotten back on the wagon of making bullet journals. I love them and find them satisfying to make but they usually take so long to do. Now that we have so much free time, it’s the perfect opportunity to pick up this hobby! I also have some posts on here of my bullet journal spreads if you’re looking for some inspiration!


I love painting. This is a hobby of mine, I again don’t really do unless I have a lot of time. I didn’t bring my supplies to school with me either because I didn’t have the space. I have been getting back into it, and it’s a really helpful de-stressor.

Write Poetry

Write, write, write. Writing brings me so much joy and sanity in life. I am always writing.


It’s been pretty gloomy and rainy in SoCal lately, so I haven’t had the opportunity, but once it gets sunny and hot, you bet your bottom dollar I will be outside soaking up the rays. On the other hand though, please be cautious of too much unprotected sun!

Go Swimming!

If the weather allows for it and you have a pool, dive in. Maybe you have some pool toys you can throw in, some floaties, anything! Make it fun and do some laps. It can be a great form of exercise too.

Pick up an instrument

If you have one lying around the house you’ve never gotten the chance to pick up, do it now! There are so many tutorials on YouTube to teach you how to play. You don’t need private lessons. This is how I taught myself guitar at 12 years old. This activity also takes up a lot of time, so it’s a good one.

Organize Your Space

I love organizing. I love going through everything, throwing things out that I don’t need anymore, and making everything neat and clean. I get pure joy from this activity. Sadly the first few days of self-isolation, I organized my entire room and bathroom, so I have nothing more to organize.

Clean All The Surfaces In Your Room

Deep clean your room! There might be layers of dust on picture frames, shelves, and other areas of your room you don’t use daily. Take the time to wipe down and dust all the surfaces in your room.

Color Code Your Closet

Another organizing activity! I have not only color coded, but also put all my clothes in order of cropped length. I crop everything pretty much, so I put the shortest on one end and then worked my way all the way down to normal length shirts, while also color coding it along the way.

Clean Out Your Phone And Laptop

Doing a deep clean on your devices can take a while to do, which is prefect! Go through your camera roll and delete photos you don’t need. Back up your photos on a hard drive. Go through your google docs and delete assignments you don’t need anymore. Heck, clean out your inbox too!

Listen To Music

I have been listening to a lot of music lately. I have been on the search for new artists and songs that I love. Listen to music while you do other activities.

Do Your Makeup

Doing my makeup always takes me about 40 minutes and I hate it, but now we have all the time to experiment with looks. I personally have not put on makeup in a while, and my skin is loving it! This is something you can do though to pass the time.

Read A Book

We all pretty much have books lying around our rooms and homes that we bought but never ended up reading. Take this as an opportunity to read those!

Play Videogames

I have been playing so much Mario Kart, it isn’t funny. I know everyone is into Animal Crossing right now too.

Make Family Kahoots

My family and I each made kahoots asking the others to answer questions about ourselves. Surprisingly, my father was the one who knew the most about me and won my kahoot haha.

Train Your Pets

I have been trying to train my cats how to do tricks after I saw a Tik Tok of a cat doing them. It has been a challenge. It’s gotten to the point that Romeo will WALK AWAY from a cookie because he’s too lazy to do tricks.

Watch All Marvel Movies In Order

I didn’t end up really doing this because I had already seen some Marvel movies recently that I didn’t care to sit through again. I just re-watched all the one’s I love such as both Spiderman movies, Endgame, Iron Man, and Doctor Strange. I am currently re-watching all the Star Wars movies in order though. The last time I did it was when I was 13. Yikes.

Re-decorate Your Room

This is a great time to re-decorate your room so you don’t get so bored of the same surroundings everyday. Change out your candles, move your furniture, change the pictures in your picture frames, add twinkly lights all over!

Have A Photoshoot

Put on a cute outfit, do your hair, and have a photoshoot! I have yet to do this, but I feel like I probably will do one soon. Stock up on cute photos of yourself. Maybe try posing in places that aren’t necessarily aesthetically pleasing and try to get a good photo out of it.

Learn How To Skateboard

If you have a skateboard lying around, this is the time to learn how to ride it. If you already know how, try to learn new tricks!

Do School Work

I mean we got so much time, might as well. This is what has been keeping me occupied a lot of the time.


I’m not one for cooking, but if you are, find a new recipe online and try it out. Experiment with different foods.

Make Your Bed

I have been making my bed every morning and it has made me feel great. It’s at least one simple thing you can do everyday to make you feel productive.

Watch YouTube

As y’all know, YouTube is my life. I have been recently loving Remi Ashten’s vlogs. She’s been uploading almost daily and just moved into a new house, so it’s great content. I love Cody Ko and Noel Miller. Allison Bickerstaff has been uploading a lot too. I love so many youtubers. Feel free to reach out if you want more recommendations.

Bake Cookies Or Cinnamon Rolls

I have baked cookies and the pack of cinnamon rolls are waiting in the fridge to one day be baked. I love sweets and especially cinnamon rolls. You can even make them from scratch if you have all the ingredients.


I know this can be a really stressful and strange time, so it’s important to take moments to relax. One way to relax is to put on a face mask. I for sure have been breaking out if I start stressing out about something even a little, so facemasks have been my friend lately.

Paint Your Own Nails

I always paint my own nails but it takes foreverrrr. I can also be a perfectionist about it. The truth is, I spent 3 separate days trying to paint my nails and I didn’t like how they came out any of those times, so I currently have plain nails. One day I will try again, but it won’t be soon. I’m tired.

Play Boardgames Or Card Games

This is a fun one to get the family involved in. A family favorite is charades. I highly recommend monopoly too. We actually have CATopoly which is everything.


If you don’t want to damage your skin by tanning outside, self-tan! I know so many people who self-tan all of the time, even though I have never tried it. This can also help boost your self-esteem with nice glowing skin.

Follow A Workout Video

I have been exercising while in self-isolation and workout videos are a great help. I love Blogilates. I’ve literally been watching her videos for forever, so I highly recommend. She has a bunch of videos for beginners too!

Try yoga

You can look up videos online again and follow along. Yoga is another helpful way to de-stress during this time. Try it out if you never have before.

Start A YouTube Channel/Blog

If you’ve always been afraid of making a YouTube channel, blog, or even a Tik Tok, now is the time. I made this blog the summer before my freshman year of college, and I don’t regret it one bit.

Make A Playlist

Make one for each mood you have, different times of days, etc. Make a playlist for everything.

Listen To A Podcast

Some podcasts are like an hour long, so this is helpful. I personally only listen to Kalyn Nicholson’s podcasts, but I’m sure there are so many great one’s out there you can find.

Backyard Picnic

This is such a cute idea I want to do. Make sandwiches, maybe a cheese board, some lemonade, and take it outside!

Try Out Meditation

There are apps and videos online of guided meditations. This is a great way to become more mindful and aware of yourself. If your goal is to better yourself, this can be a way to accomplish that.

Take A Bath

Grab those bath bombs and toss one in the tub. Grab a book, light a candle, and relax.

Build A Fort

This is something I really want to do. Make a fort out of blankets, toss some pillows inside, hang some string lights, and watch your favorite movie.

DIY Your Clothes

So many people have been tie dying their clothes lately, it’s crazy. This is a great idea if you haven’t done so yet, though. You can also crop all of your shirts and sweaters, hem some jeans, embroider your shorts. There’s so much you can do, get creative with it.

Clean Your Makeup Brushes

When was the last time you really cleaned your makeup brushes? It probably wasn’t as recent as you wish it was. This is one thing I did the first week in self-isolation and I have yet to even put makeup on, so they’re still clean.







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