An Interview With A Passionate Woman


I am constantly inspired and empowered by the strong women surrounding me in my life. I got the idea to feature them and show off their passions and dreams. I want to show how complex and unique each of us are in our own way. This is the first interview, in hopefully a series.

Here is an interview with my best friend, Victoria.

Tell us a little about yourself:

Hello! My name is Victoria Valdez, I am 21 years old and currently living in Santa Rosa, CA in a small one-bedroom apartment with my adorable cat and boyfriend of 3 years.


What are you studying in college?

I have completed my Associate’s Degree in Communication Studies at Santa Rosa Junior College and am pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies in the future once I get into a 4-year university.


Why did you choose to study this?

I have always been passionate about writing and struggled for a long time in high school whether I wanted to major in business or liberal arts when I graduated. When I discovered communication studies, it was the perfect fit because it offered such a wide variety of paths. I could choose from whether it be public relations, journalism, business, media, marketing, etc. all of which are jobs that I am generally interested in.


What is your dream job/position?

This is a tough question for me and it will probably be a long answer because my whole life I have been exploring a wide variety of careers. When I was just a sophomore in high school I found myself infatuated with the idea of becoming a magazine/newspaper editor because I adored the movie The Devil Wears Prada and the show Sex and the City highlighting these strong and powerful female characters making it big in “the big city” in these glamorous multimedia jobs. Coming from a very small town this was a very far-fetched idea, but I figured I would give it a try and at least put myself out there as best as I could, so I interned at the local newspaper and did various tasks for the wonderful editor and the reporters of the newspaper. I had the opportunity to write a few articles about the annual county fair which was huge for me at the time. Once it was printed and edited and everything, I felt so accomplished and proud of myself, but I didn’t volunteer to intern the next summer because I was wrapped up in my high school activities and clubs such as Future Business Leaders of America. More than that though, I just didn’t like the politics that is inevitable in news journalism and I drifted away from that dream.

However, I hung onto my passion for writing. In college, I even dabbled in fashion studies which was so much fun and once I get my bachelor’s in communication studies, I want to get my certificate in fashion studies just for the fun of it because I adored my fashion classes so much. I am afraid I will never get the opportunity to pursue that dream due to how competitive it is, especially the business side of fashion which was fascinating to learn.

So, all of this is, of course, leading up to my dream job which is all over the place, but bear with me. I would love to be working and or writing for a wellbeing/lifestyle brand, company or magazine that promotes the happiness and livelihood of people in their daily life specializing in spreading mental health awareness, contributing to sustainable fashion and just discovering the overall happiest version of oneself.


 What is your goal in pursuing this?

The goal in pursuing this is that eventually I will have a book published (that I have already been kind of sort of working on) that outlines those topics I would want to promote that I stated in the previous answer. I just think it is so important for people to have an outlet to share their stories, struggles, and advice to people of all backgrounds when it comes to wellness, lifestyle, and sustainability.

I grew up in a single-parent household and my mom was so inspirational to me in terms of showing me that setting your mind to something and working hard to achieve it regardless of what you are going through can truly make you a wiser and stronger individual. She got her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration later in life because she worked hard for years to make sure that I could have the best life possible all while moving up in the Health and Human Services industry. Eventually, all that hard work of taking classes on the weekend and working full time paid off when she got promoted to the Director of Health and Human Services. She taught me that having knowledge and having the opportunity to share one’s knowledge can truly change lives. 


What makes you passionate about it?

I think just creating an atmosphere that people feel included and valued is so important and something I feel like I lacked a bit growing up. I felt like I could never really express myself to my fullest potential because I struggled with anxiety for so long and my voice got lost in that. The writing was always my escape from all the stresses of the world around me and it truly relaxed me to just let my mind separate itself from a troubling situation I was going through. I was able to step back and read what I had written and was able to acknowledge that is how I felt at the time and it was valid and I put my full thought into focusing on something that gave me inner peace. 


What do you see your future looking like? Job, family, life?

In the future, I will have my bachelor’s degree in communication studies and I would hope that I would have found that dream job working for that wellness or lifestyle brand or at least interning at that job in a great city. I will still be with my boyfriend in hopefully a bigger apartment or even better, a house! My cat will be a little bit older and a little bit fatter, but still adorable, and much to her dismay I would love to adopt a dog and another cat once I get a bigger space. I hope to be surrounded by friends and family that continue to love and support me.


Are you doing anything currently towards these dreams?

I have applied to a 4-year university and am anticipating a response soon, so fingers crossed! I have a blog as my creative outlet that has been a fun place to express myself a bit and all thanks to my wonderful friend Kimmy who inspired me to even start a blog, so shoutout to a true queen Kimmy Villa. I just applied to a job specializing in fashion and wellness lifestyle as a blog writer and curator, so I am doing my best to get my work out there one small step at a time. Right now, I am working as a front desk agent at a hotel where I am learning a lot about business and utilizing my communication skills. Though, I do not see myself working there forever as I took the job solely to pay the bills. The hospitality business has been an interesting and eye-opening experience that I have grown a lot in. I have learned a lot about myself working in various customer service and retail jobs, but I do have bigger dreams.


What is your dream life? If you could have anything in the world and have all your dreams come true with no problems, what would your life look like?

In my fantasy life, I would be an award-winning author living in a beautiful little house near the ocean. On top of that, I would be editor in chief of a magazine/lifestyle brand working with a team of people creating helpful and inspiring content, oh yeah and of course, I would have a successful fashion line. So basically, I would be this badass entrepreneur/business/ fashion mogul. In my dreams.


Why don’t you pursue this dream life?

Lack of money. Lack of education. The struggle of confronting reality. More than that though, as much as I admire and respect all of the badass independent women out there, if I were to pursue all those careers and be successful in all of them, I would need to sacrifice a lot of precious time with my loved ones and I am just not ready to do that. There are also a lot of downsides to starting your own business because you don’t get the benefits that the government and some companies offer. I think what is holding me back is just the worry that I would become too consumed in my various jobs that I would lose sight of what was most important to me.


Are you happy with what you are pursuing though?

I am happy with what I am pursuing because it is realistic for my life and also, I can see myself being happy in that type of career for a long time which has always been important to me. I want to look back on my career once I am retired and be proud of myself for doing what I loved and didn’t feel like I wasted my life away working a job that made me unhappy or felt like I didn’t contribute to society the best way I could. 


Thank you, Kimmy, for these very good questions that made me dig deep into who I am, what I value as an individual, and what I hope to share with the world one day! From one boss babe to another, you go girl! 


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