How To Reduce Stress Right Now


The photo below is a post I made for my sorority sisters, and I thought I would go into more detail about it on here. I know this is a really stressful and strange time, not knowing what’s going on. I made this list to help them deal with stress during this time. These are activities to distract yourself, activities to calm yourself, and some things to try and lift your mood. There are a lot of different struggles that come with being cooped up at home all of the time, and I want to address them as we go on.




I want to remind you that pretty much everyone in the world is facing the same struggles as you right now. You are not alone when you feel anxious, scared, stressed, or sad. I recommend calling up a friend or family member that you are able to vent to. I’m sure that the person on the other end is feeling the same way as you. I am right there with you too. We all handle difficult emotions in different ways. I, for one, am a person who tends to hide my emotions. I try to remain strong for those around me who need help. I distract myself pretty well by watching YouTube, journaling, painting etc. I keep myself occupied so I don’t sit with the thoughts of things I’m missing out on.

I had a lot of plans for the spring quarter of school. I had many things I was looking forward to for the beginning of summer. We all had made plans and had things to look forward to that we were excited about, and they were taken away from us, and it’s ok to be upset about it. It is okay to cry and be sad over the things you have lost during this time, no matter how small and “unimportant” they may seem to others. Your feelings are absolutely valid forever and always.

I just want y’all to know that you are not “crazy” or “overdramatic” or anything bad when you cry. We should be grateful for the good things in our lives, but at the same time no one’s life is perfect. Crying is a good way to get out all of your bottled up emotions, as well as journaling. I don’t want you to sit in that sadness constantly though! Do activities that make you happy and can distract yourself from what’s going on.





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