Monthly Music: May Edition


Hi my lovelies. It’s been a minute since I’ve posted a Monthly Music list, but it’s because I had been re-listening to a bunch of old songs for a bit. Today, I am sharing new finds and some songs I am absolutely obsessed with. I hope you can find something to jam to, enjoy!

I literally have found 3 powerhouse women in the time between my March post and this one. Please enjoy me gushing about them:


Lennon Stella

Golf on TV

This is a song I want to make. The lyrics just scream being in love. Such a sweet song and relatable. I hope to make a song like this when I’m in love.

Save Us


Much Too Much




I just realized that I listed Forever in my March list, but I didn’t appreciate it as much back then as I do now, hence why I didn’t make it pink in the first post. I am here to tell you that I am absolutely obsessed. I love this song so much. I love the original version and the stripped version, not sure which one I like better. This song just screams where I am in life right now. I can be a hopeless romantic and still want to be young and party. Thanks. Fletcher understands me.


Another banger brought to you by the queen herself, Fletcher. I have heard her songs in the past and listened to her casually, but now it’s on a different level. She has great songs and great lyrics. She hypes me up. Give her a listen.

I Believe You

I Fall Apart (cover)


All Love

One Too Many

If You're Gonna Lie


Olivia O’ Brien

This is another artist I would listen to like one or two songs casually to, but now I even follow this girl on Tik Tok. Love her, and she’s the same age as me, so that’s cool.

Just A Boy

I don’t know why when I first listened to her album that I did not enjoy this. Who was I? I don’t even know. This is a bop. This is incredible. I can’t not dance and scream the lyrics when I hear this one.

Inhibition (omw)

Call Me!!!

Care Less More



good guys

Going to be completely honest about this one. I can skip this one. Everyone’s going to hate me but…. It’s just not that good. It’s not Malibu Nights level of incredible. It’s still a good song, but I don’t have to have it on repeat. Disappointed, but also not surprised because I have high standards. Those standards are Malibu Nights, the best album they’ve ever made.



Be kind

Oof, again I apologize but I don’t like this one that much. It’s a good song, but it just doesn’t hit me. I can’t connect with it and feel something. I put it on and passively listen. Love Halsey, but this one is not a banger.


Jake Miller



Alina Baraz

To Me

Madelaine Petsch said she liked this song in an interview, so I listened to it and liked it and now here we are.



Bedroom Ceiling


Louis The Child

Little Things




Where We Are


No Rome

Hurry Home



you should probably just hang up


SHY Martin

Nobody Likes Moving On



Be Okay

The Ivy

Thirty Eight

You Don't Love Me (Like You Used To)



Even If the Sky Is Falling Down


Julia Michaels

Give It To You


Tate McRae



Stereo Jane



Selena Gomez





Like It Is

I'll Wait


Christian French

call me your love

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