Self-Love Journal

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Today I wanted to share something with y’all that I have recently started and quickly fallen in love with- my self-love journal. I came across this cute pink journal one day in the Target dollar section. I have a ton of blank journals lying around my room, so I really did not need another, but the quote on the front instantly inspired me to make a self-love journal. It says “my summer love story”, and I think it’s really fitting for falling in love with yourself. I don’t know if this has been done before, but I’ve personally never heard of anyone doing one before. I have been loving it and wanted to share this idea, so maybe you can start your own.

The whole idea of this self-love journal is to promote and encourage body positivity and embracing who you are. You can honestly do anything you want with your own, but here are things that I have been doing in mine:



I wrote out praises and affirmations about certain parts of my body that I have hated in the past. I wrote about how I love and appreciate those parts of me now, and recognize their function and innate beauty. I think focusing on body parts that you have been insecure about in the past, and writing about why you love them is so important and helpful. If you ever start to feel insecure again, you can re-read these to remind yourself of how special your body is and its capabilities.

Healthy Foods I’m Loving

I thought it would be helpful to detail the foods that are “healthy” and that I have been thoroughly enjoying lately, since over time I tend to forget about them. I listed meals, snacks, drinks, literally anything.

My Favorite Workouts

A key to making healthy living a lifestyle is by finding workouts that you actually enjoy. I am always trying to experiment with new workouts, so I wanted a place to write down all of my favorites at the moment.

Journaling My Feelings

This is a really helpful part of my self-love journal. I don’t write in here daily like a diary, but when I am feeling inspired, I will write. The other day I was feeling amazing in my body, so I made sure to write about that and the thoughts/feelings I was experiencing. I wrote about how my run went the other day, since I have been getting back into running.  Anytime you feel inspired to write, pick up a pen and take a moment to yourself.

Body Positivity Tips/Advice 

This is my place to pretty much rant about toxic diet culture and societal pressures on people’s appearances. If I hear or see anything that I don’t agree with like “To lose weight you need to cut out carbs”, I’ll write in the journal about my opinion on that and how ridiculous it is. It’s a fun section of the journal, haha.

Empowering Playlist

The other night when I was feeling ~extra~ into myself, I made a body positivity/self-love playlist on Spotify and decided to write it in my journal as well. I’ll listen to this playlist when I want to hype myself up or when I’m already feeling myself.


I made a collage of a bunch of body positive quotes I had found on Pinterest along with aesthetically pleasing photos and it turned out so cute. You can get really creative with your journal if that’s something you’re into. It can almost be like a bullet journal. You can doodle, include paintings, and make collages. Have fun with it!



Overall, this journal is a safe place to be kind to yourself. You are so beautiful inside and out. I hope this journal helps you on your own journey to self-love.




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