Read this when you’re comparing your body to others- Body Positivity Tip #2

Whitagram-Image 2

We have all been guilty of comparing our bodies to others. This is important to note! You are not alone at all when you do this. The person you are comparing your body to, is also comparing their body to someone else, I can assure you. This is a very common thing to do, but it isn’t making us feel good, so why do it?

It’s very easy to start comparing not only your body and looks, but also your life to others online. It’s all out there for everyone to see, so it’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole. I’m here to tell you that it’s normal, and it’s going to be okay.

My number one tip on stopping comparisons online is to unfollow, mute, or even block certain accounts. I never thought of myself as one to go online and spend time comparing myself to others, but when I really sat down and thought about it, there were a handful of accounts I would do this with. I personally chose to block them so I wouldn’t be tempted to go back and look at their accounts even after unfollowing. The decision is completely up to you, but be honest with yourself. I blocked them because I was being honest with myself that I was just going to keep comparing even if I unfollowed them. Sit down and really think hard about the people you compare your body to and who’s bodies you admire too much.

Another tip is that when you start comparing yourself to someone else, try to catch yourself doing it. When you catch yourself doing it, either change the channel in your mind to something else, or stop for a moment and give yourself an affirmation. Compliment yourself and find something beautiful about your own body. Turn that negative comparison into something positive. Find not only the beauty in your own aesthetics, but also the functions of your body. Your legs give you the ability to stand in line at Starbucks. Your arms give you the ability to reach a higher cabinet. Focus on the positives and let the negative thoughts drift away.

All in all, if you are comparing yourself to others, you are not alone. Try distracting yourself or focusing on the beauty in yourself. Avoid media that leads you down that negative road. Be kind to yourself and know that there is only one of you in this world, and that’s pretty special. Love you!



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