The Toxicity of Tik Tok


I have been obsessed with Tik Tok ever since the beginning of quarantine, but I have clearly noticed that it can be extremely toxic at times. Let’s talk about it:

The number one thing I see that is alarming are those “What I Eat in A Day” posts. Now, I usually love these posts myself because they inspire me to try new foods. The thing with Tik Tok versions of these is that young girls are posting about their meals and they are extremely small portions and definitely not enough food for a day.

I want to warn y’all that these posts could be triggering and upsetting. You should not take these videos as facts and think that the portion sizes are appropriate. Do not try to copy someone’s food intact for a day. Understand that these food portions are not normal. You should not feel pressured into eating such small portions, nor should you beat yourself up for not eating such small portions.

It is extremely upsetting for me as a body positive activist who has struggled with an eating disorder in the past. Mine developed in 2013 due to Tumblr, so it’s very interesting and highly disappointing to see the same trend being done years later on a new social media platform. Being insecure about one’s body and even developing an eating disorder are things that just keep happening. It’s a never ending cycle. People constantly feel pressured to look a certain way and the cycle never ends. It does upset me to see the new generations going through the same things I went through at that age. I feel at times helpless. All I want is to help them, but I can’t always do that. That is why I am here advising y’all that this is happening, and to try and stay away from it.

Another thing is young girls trying to educate others over Tik Tok on how to be “healthy” and lose weight. I happen to know a lot about health, fitness, weight loss, etc. due to my eating disorder. I am very educated on the subject and can tell if something is genuinely healthy and helpful advice or not. Some “health and fitness” accounts on Tik Tok are sharing and encouraging behaviors, weight loss methods, etc. that are NOT healthy. There are a lot of things on Tik Tok that are being shared that are not true and will not help you to lose weight. I advise you to be very cautious with the kinds of fitness accounts you choose to follow and take advice from. There are plenty of accounts I have found as well that state they are anti-diet culture, yet still promote diet culture. Keep an eye out for these accounts and know that any account regarding health may be toxic. Don’t trust everyone on this platform.

I have found great accounts that are educated and helpful in a healthy way. I will share them at the end of this post. If people are telling you to do intermittent fasting, get abs in 2 weeks, etc., those are encouraging eating disorder behaviors and are not going to help you lose weight in a healthy manner. Work out, eat healthy, eat a lot, and learn self-love. That is the way you are going to reach your goals of a healthy and sustainable life.

Happy scrolling, but also be cautious of the content you’re consuming. Love you!


All of the Tik Tok accounts listed below are women who promote body positivity while also encouraging a healthy lifestyle.













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