Read this when you feel guilty after eating a “cheat meal”- Body Positivity Tip #3


What should you do now that you indulged in a cheat meal?

Nothing different.

It’s important to have balance in your diet. Balance and moderation is going to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, make you feel less restricted, and overall keep you sane. Trying to have a healthy lifestyle does not mean cutting out your favorite foods. Living a healthy life is all about balance and making sure your mind is as happy as your body.

If you have a craving for something you consider to be “unhealthy”, eat it! It is not going to ruin your progress or make you gain weight instantly. You can’t expect yourself to eat “clean” 100% of the time. That is not sustainable. What we want is to have a healthy and sustainable life while also enjoying ourselves along the way. I “treat” myself often to things I crave. If I am really craving a chicken sandwich, a Starbucks coffee, or chicken nuggets, then I will treat myself to it.

After you eat a “cheat food” or meal, don’t do anything different. Keep on eating the same meals that you usually do and exercising the same amount as you usually do. Punishing yourself over it is only going to encourage more negative thoughts and a toxic relationship with food. Eating what you crave is something positive, not negative, and therefore should not be punished. Don’t feel guilty for eating something you wanted and don’t consider to be the most healthy. It’s not a bad thing, and so you should not feel bad about it.

You might feel guilty for the meal that you ate, but remind yourself that you ate something that you wanted and enjoyed. Try not to dwell so much on it and continue on with your day. You’re doing amazing and your body loves you.

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