Read this when you’re scared to step on the scale at the doctors office- body positivity tip #4


I know it can be really daunting having to be weighed at the doctors office. It was always something I’d dread, because I knew that I wouldn’t be pleased with the number I would see. I knew it would haunt me and be the only thing on my mind for the next couple of weeks. I would punish myself over it. If you have this same fear, I have a solution for you. I have mentioned this before, but I saw a Tik Tok of a girl just discovering this, so I thought I’d dedicate a blog post to it.

When you go to the doctors office, you can either refuse to be weighed and give the nurse and rough estimate of how much you think you weigh, or (what I do) is I stand backwards on the scale and ask them to please not tell me the number. Anytime I do this, they are very respectful and understanding. I’ve never had issues doing this and I have been doing it probably since I was 17. I know for me that if I see my weight, it will trigger me.

This is a small tip but I can make all the difference. I hope this can help alleviate some stress on your next visit to the doctor. Good luck!




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