My Favorite Vegan/Dairy Free Foods!

It’s been about a year now since I’ve stopped eating dairy, so I wanted to share all of my favorite dairy alternatives with you! These are all of my go to’s and favorites for dairy alternatives. Just a warning that not all of these items are vegan!


Mac N Cheese


I honestly do not miss normal Mac n cheese because this Daiya cheddar one exists. This is even better than normal one’s. I live for this. I get mine at Target. They also have other flavors like Alfredo.




I found this pizza last month and nearly cried. Yes, it took me almost an entire year to find a pizza alternative, but we have found it! This is the Amy’s Vegan Margherita pizza and it tastes pretty much like a normal pizza. It has thick fluffy crust, gooey cheese, and plenty of sauce. The number one thing I miss from going dairy-free is pizza, but now I have this. I got mine at Whole Foods.


Ranch Dip


I have spent so long looking for a ranch alternative that actually tasted good and here it is. This tastes exactly like normal ranch. So many alternatives that I tried tasted like pickles and it was disgusting. This has no pickles in it, thank god. I dip everything in ranch from my pizza to my chicken tenders. I got this at Whole Foods.


Ice Cream


There are manyyyyy options these days for dairy-free ice cream, you honestly just have to find one that you enjoy. I like getting Ben and Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream. I prefer the peanut butter, but also love the cookie dough flavor. They have a ton of other flavors too. I get mine at Target.




Siete chips are all the rage right now, so when I saw this dairy free nacho flavor, I decided to give it a try. Let me tell you, this is delicious. I highly recommend this. I found these at Sprouts. Target carries the normal Siete tortilla chips, though, if you want to try those.

Hot Pockets


I finally got my hands on these dairy-free hot pockets. I pretty much cried when I ate this. It is so tasty and is exactly like a normal hot pocket. I found this at Sprouts.


Cream Cheese


Another item that was so difficult to find an alternative for was cream cheese. This is the best one I have found. This Kite Hill cream cheese is slightly more bland than a normal cream cheese, but it is the closest I have found to it and it’s delicious.


Normal Cheese’s


Daiya is my go to brand for normal cheese. I get these cheese slices in cheddar and American. I get Daiya shredded cheese in cheddar and mozzarella. This brand of cheese does not melt easily (like most vegan cheese), unless microwaved. It does taste really good and is close to normal cheese in my opinion.






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