Once I lose “X” pounds I’ll be happy and stop-Eating Disorder Myth #2


I’m here with another eating disorder myth for y’all. I feel like so many people who fall into eating disorders believe this saying, that once you reach your ‘goal weight’, you’ll stop your eating disorder and go back to normal eating habits.


This is a lie people with eating disorders tend to tell themselves to justify their unhealthy behaviors. They try to act like they have control over what they are doing. Developing an eating disorder tends to have a lot to do with control, and the person wanting to have control over something in their life. They tell themselves that they will starve or purge until they finally get to this ‘goal weight’ (or random number that doesn’t really mean anything about your health or happiness) and then stop because they will be happy and satisfied with their body at that point. We all know this is a lie, but it is a very common thing we tell ourselves to make ourselves feel better. It makes us feel in control even though we’re not.

The thing about eating disorders is that it is a mental illness. It is a disorder of the mind. Even if you reach your goal weight, your eating disorder tainted mind will tell you that it is still not enough and that you are fat or unworthy. There will never come a point where your mind all of a sudden changes and says “Oh we look great now, wow. 10/10. We can stop this now”. That’s not how it works. It’s sad to say that no matter how much you lose, your mind will never be satisfied. You will never be happy going down this path.

It’s a never ending cycle of hating your body and making excuses, saying that you’ll stop at a certain point and be happy. You will never be happy or find that confidence in your body when you have an eating disorder. To find happiness and confidence, you have to overcome your eating disorder and find love with yourself no matter how you look. Your eating disorder is in your mind. It is an illness that makes you believe that you are not good enough. How will you ever feel good enough when your eating disorder is constantly telling you the opposite? You’ll never be satisfied.

It’s a sad reality to face, but these truth’s about eating disorders should be addressed and talked about. Eating disorders are glorified most of the time, but we should be focusing on all the negatives that come from them.

xoxo, Kimmy

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