Interview with Kate Noel

I had the honor to interview one of my favorite body positive influencers for all of you! Meet Kate Noel. 

Kate Noel is a model, Youtuber, podcaster, and a body positive content creator. Kate shares her story of her eating disorder recovery, and encourages people to fall in love with their bodies. With around 30,000 followers individually on Instagram and Youtube, she is making an impact on people everywhere. 

When did your eating disorder first develop?

Kate: I believe around age 14, but I really don’t have an exact date. 

When did you start recovery? 

I started recovery in the beginning of 2018.

Why did you decide that it was time to recover? Did anyone or anything inspire you?

I hit a wall. I was modeling at the time and really was so physically and mentally exhausted. I was struggling so much with my health (hair loss, amenorrhea, sick all the time, insomnia, and so much more) I was working 8 hour days on my feet and physically couldn’t handle it while starving anymore. I also was newly married and knew I wanted to have children someday, but never gave my body a chance to have a healthy cycle, so I wanted to see if I could get my period back. 

Have you had a support system along your journey (friends, family, or partner)? If so, how have they supported you? 

My number 1 supporter is my husband, Rio. He has been a huge source of motivation and encouragement. Now that I have an audience on social media, I feel so encouraged and inspired by my audience who are also going through recovery. 

Have you gone to therapy? If so, have you had a positive experience and would you recommend it to others? 

I have gone to therapy for ED as well as ED outpatient treatment for 12 weeks. I would highly recommend therapy, although I think it’s crucial to find someone who you really connect with. I had a positive experience in both individual therapy and in treatment, but the time commitment and experience of treatment really positively shaped my recovery so much more.

What was the hardest thing about recovery?

Trusting in myself, my body and my decisions. Trusting the unknown.

Has it been difficult being a body positive advocate while in the modeling field? 

Yes. I see so many body positive models who are plus size and are really thriving as influencers and models. I think my mind naturally compares to others, so now instead of comparing myself to thin models, I catch myself feeling invalid compared to plus size because I don’t fit into a box. But I recognize that as irrational so try to think opposite thoughts!

What inspired you to start making body positive content online? 

My experience in recovery completely transformed every part of my life. I really needed to share! 

You have so many followers on YouTube and instagram, did you expect your platform to grow so much? How has it affected your life? 

I expected the opposite! I had no intentions of being a body positive influencer or youtuber (or podcaster!) but I think that makes the journey even more special. It has affected my life in so many ways. I now kind of have a career as a public figure… I never imagined this and it’s really an honor.

What do you hope others take away from your content? 

I just hope to give people a sense of peace. I hope to inspire someone to trust their bodies and minds, and I want my audience to always feel like they have a community.

What is some advice you would give to a person struggling with an eating disorder right now?

So many things – it really depends on what the person is saying to me or struggling with. I always recommend getting professional help in some way. There are therapists, coaches, treatment centers, etc. all who can give someone the attention and help they deserve.

Thank you Kate for being on the blog!

Follow Kate!

Youtube- Kate Noel

Instagram- katenoel__

Podcast- Take The Cake with Kate Noel

xoxo, Kimmy

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