Holiday Room Decor

We went all out this year! Let’s check out all my room decor to get me into the holiday spirit this year!

First thing I did was snag these pink ceramic Christmas trees. They’re the cutest things ever and so I had to have them. I have the medium sized one on my bookshelf and then the mini ornament sized one in the center of my circular wall shelf. These trees also come in a larger size but it would be too big to fit on any of my shelves. Btw, they light up of course. Too cute, I’m obsessed.


I can’t find the ornament size online. I purchased it in store, so maybe a location near you carries it.

Medium Pink Tree 


I’m not in love with my bed at the moment but she shall do for now. I got the Merry Christmas sign from target a few years back. I got the Merry Christmas red and white pillow from Target this year for only $10! Lastly, the Mickey gingerbread pillow is from Disney and he smells like actual gingerbread.


Disney used to sell the gingerbread pillow on ShopDisney but have now stopped.

Merry Christmas Pillow

Pink Throw Blanket 

My dad pulled down my old mini white Christmas tree from the attic and it had turned yellow :/ not cute! I had to get a new tree for my desk and came across this pink one from Walmart. I also got completely new ornaments and accessories for this tree which are mostly from Walmart as well. I’m loving this tree.


Pink Tree 

White Fur Tree Skirt

Gold Glitter Tree Star


On the other side of my desk, I have my lightbox, festive colored crystals, and a candle.


My mom had a brilliant idea of getting me a bigger tree with year to put in the corner of my room. I couldn’t say no. We searched everywhere for a pink tree but no one had it in stock. I decided on getting a 4 foot white tree and adding a ton of pink ornaments to it.

I am in love with all of the ornaments I got for this tree. The normal round ornaments are all from Walmart but the unique decorative ornaments are from HobbyLobby. I still have yet to find a star that I like for this tree, so I’m still on the look out.


White Christmas Tree

Camera Ornament

Eiffel Tower Ornament

Jeep Ornament

xoxo, Kimmy

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