Eat The Ice Cream

It’s perfectly fine to eat the normal ice cream- you know, the sugary one packed with calories that don’t really matter. That one.

I noticed a “body positive/eat intuitively” influencer post about their ice cream the other day. They were sharing photos of a low calorie ice cream option with a caption saying “I’m honoring my cravings and treating myself to some ice cream”.

Preaching that you’re “indulging” in a low calorie ice cream can be triggering and harmful to those following this person. I’m here to let you know that normal ice cream is not the enemy. I mean normal as in- full calorie, full sugar ice cream. There is no food that should be considered the enemy.

Now, if you genuinely love the taste of that low calorie ice cream, then go for it! But you should never feel limited or restricted to only eating the low calorie option. You should feel free to make the choice of either option. There shouldn’t be pressure to pick the low calorie one over the normal one.

It isn’t a treat to always be buying the low calorie options. There’s no reason to fear normal ice cream. I pretty much have dessert every night because I have a sweet tooth. My go-to dessert option also tends to be ice cream because it’s bomb! I buy my Ben n Jerry’s peanut butter ice cream and enjoy myself. I eat it in at night, right before bed, but in moderation. I do try to eat the best I can in terms of nutrients, but it’s also important to have foods that fuel your soul and heart. Ice cream fuels my soul and heart.

Also, I’m living proof that eating ice cream isn’t going to magically make you gain weight. Now, if you’re eating a ton of it everyday for a long period of time, then of course you’ll end up gaining some weight- but eating it in moderation isn’t going to ruin your progress at all.

Btw- if you gain weight, there’s nothing wrong with that either.

And here’s another reminder to be conscious of the content you consume on a daily basis. This influencer has been posting about this ice cream here and there for weeks but I never noticed it was “low calorie” until today. Putting this content out onto the internet of only eating low calorie ice cream can be harmful to their followers. Double check that the content you’re viewing on social media is content you enjoy.

xoxo, Kimmy

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