How to become a morning person

I love mornings, always have and always will. I feel most productive in the morning and love some peace and quiet by myself. Here are tips I have to help you become more of a morning person:

Night Routine

Learning to wake up early starts with your night routine! You need to ensure that you are getting enough sleep every night. I like to get around 8 hours, but everyone is different. Schedule a time to get into bed that corresponds with the time you want to wake up the next morning. Try to get off your phone or any screens to help you fall asleep faster!

Wake up half an hour earlier than usual

I find that waking up only half an hour earlier than you were previously waking up is an effective way at adjusting to the early morning. It isn’t realistic to constantly wake up at 11am, and expect yourself to suddenly start waking up at 7am. Start slowly, and every few days, wake up earlier than before.

Create a morning routine

Having a morning routine you look forward to is going to motivate you to get up when that alarm goes off. Look forward to your morning coffee, breakfast, morning walk, journaling, etc. Find something that you’re excited for and use that as a bribe to get out of bed. It’ll also help you enjoy your early morning and feel productive.

Make your bed as soon as possible

Once you climb out of bed, make sure you make it before getting your day started. Making your bed in the morning will help you to not jump back inside. It will also make you feel productive even right after waking up. One thing is already checked off the to-do list!

 Take your mornings slow

Have things you look forward to, but also don’t put pressure on yourself to get 100 things done immediately. Start slowly and add things gradually into your morning routine. You can start by reading a chapter of your book in the morning while drinking your coffee. Then add journaling into the plans. Then add yoga into the plans. The more productive you get in the mornings, the more you will enjoy waking up. You can’t expect yourself to do everything you wish to do suddenly. Take it slow and be kind to yourself!

xoxo, Kimmy

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