Monthly Music: February Edition

It’s officially March and I am on my grind planning out the new month. I find so much joy in planning as well as listening to a brand new playlist each month. Before we dive into March, let’s take a look at some of the songs I listened to in the month of February. Again, I had a super long playlist that was over 4 hours long, so I had to cut this down. I hope you enjoy, and if you want to see the full playlist then check out my Spotify!

Avery Lynch 

  • To Love Someone Else

  • Not Ready Yet

Caroline Kole

  • Cold

Volcan Peaks

  • It’s All For You

Charli Adams

  • Didn’t Make It 

  • Maybe Could Have Loved 

  • Superpowers

  • Cloverland Drive

  • I Like America & America Likes Me

Carla Wehbe 

  • Don’t Tell Me

  • Somebody Loves You

  • Love Me For Me


  • Empty

  • Never Let you


  • Moon Rider


  • HOME



Novo Amor


Corey Harper

  • Fade to Black (stripped) 

Heather Sommer 

  • The Problem

  • you heard me

  • 632

  • I like you more in my dreams 

Gracie Abrams

  • 21

  • Long Sleeves

  • Brush Fire


  • LOST

Sara Kays

  • Remember That Night? 


  • HOW


  • Memories On Replay

Bailey BryaN


Evie Irie 

  • Better Than This 

Zach Sines 

  • Pretty Face 

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