May Reflection

May Reflection

This has been in my drafts and I had forgotten about it, but I thought it was a great recap that I wanted to share even though it’s late. I hope ya’ll enjoy a peak into my month of May. 

May is coming to a close and I want to recap on my month. 

I have felt overwhelmed by life and school. 

I took my graduation photos this month which was just crazy. Graduation, and my feelings towards it, is just a whole other story. The pictures turned out amazing and I’m super happy with them. Also, I’m in love with my grad cap. It says “I’m done with this B.S.” because I’m graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree. I have dreamed of this grad cap since my high school graduation so I can’t believe it was finally the time to make it. I think it turned out great.  

I rewatched all the Iron Man movies, as one does, and finally decided that the second movie is my favorite. None of them are all that great but the second was the best in my opinion. 

Umm, I got my third cat this month! His name is Blaze and he’s about 2 months old right now. I had been on the search for a third cat for a while before I finally found him. He is super curious, adventurous, and brave. He’s playful and already has some favorite toys. He’s an angel and I’m so grateful to have found him. 

I picked up reading again for the first time since January and was able to finish three books this month. I started out by FINALLY finishing Serpent and Dove which I rated 3 stars. I then picked up Glass Sword on the 15th. It’s the second book in the Red Queen series and I finished it on the 29th with a rating of 3 stars. I started my Clockwork Angel reread a few days after picking up Glass Sword and finished it on the 28th with a rating of 5 stars. I read the Infernal Devices trilogy when I was 13 and it was my favorite series ever, so I went in worried it wouldn’t live up to my high expectations but thankfully it did. I’m still team Will, forever and always (piano version ;)). 

Some of my May music favorites: 

Julia Michaels 

Little Did I Know

Lie Like This


Heather Sommer

I like you more in my dreams- acoustic 

Beren Olivia

Read My Mind


Charlotte Lawrence

Sin x Secret

Olivia Rodrigo

good 4 u


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