Monthly Music: July Edition

My July Spotify playlist had almost 3 hours worth of songs on it and I got the chance to listen thoroughly to each one. I don’t get to do that every month, so it was great to have that for this month. Here are my favorites from that playlist. There weren’t many that blew me away, but that’s okay. It was still a good month full of good music.


  • dancing in the kitchen

  • up to me

  • dna (demo)


  • Healing


  • supposed to

Luke Hemmings

  • Starting Line

Holly Humberstone 

  • Falling Asleep At The Wheel

  • Deep End

James Smith

  • I Don’t Wanna Know

Mimi Webb

  • Dumb Love

Taylor Swift

  • Renegade

Sasha Alex Sloan

  • Lie

Delaney Jane 

  • Safe With You

Charli Adams

  • Seventeen Again

Novo Amor

  • Haven

Dylan Gardner

  • Like We Used to Be


  • Real Shot


  • Flaws


  • One Day

Ash Morgan

  • Halfway

Julia Wolf

  • Styrofoam Cup


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