Stop wishing for your old body

A new and popular topic of discussion amongst myself, friends, and the internet is wishing for our younger bodies. Let’s talk about it.

I tend to reminisce about what my body looked like around the age of sixteen. I think back at that time and curse myself for being so insecure about my body. I was anorexic and depressed at the time, but my body looked good- why didn’t I enjoy it? Now, I don’t look like that. I have gained weight since that age… but that’s completely normal.

I have touched on this subject with close friends who have expressed the same kind of disappointment in themselves. We are all around our early 20’s and are all experiencing this same feeling. It’s interesting how it’s a pretty universal thing.

It’s completely normal and healthy to not look the same way you did when you were a teenager, because you were a TEENAGER. Our bodies were still in the midst of developing. We are now grown/growing adults who’s bodies need different things. Our bodies look different and we have gained weight because we are at a completely different stage in our development. Our lives are also a lot more hectic now than when we were teenagers.

When I was younger, there were a lot of things I didn’t have to worry about. There wasn’t much I needed to juggle other than school and social life. I had so much time available for sports and being active on my own time. Now as an adult, there’s a lot more I have to take on even in my day to day. There are stressors and things that cause anxiety in our every day lives. There are many more things that need to get done- our parents aren’t going to do them for us.

It’s unfair on our minds and bodies to place that pressure to look the same. We are always going to be growing and changing. Our bodies are so resilient and should be praised for the work it puts in to keep us alive and well.

Throw out the clothes from freshman year that don’t fit you anymore. Buy yourself clothes that not only fit, but make you feel confident as well. Stop staring at the pictures saved on your phone of what you looked like years ago. Go out and take some pictures of what you look like now- amazing. Think about how when you were a teenager. All those years ago, you hated your body for what it looked like. Now think about yourself now. You hate your body for what it looks like. Who is to say that 5 years from now you will be looking back on your current 2021 self and wishing for your current body? This is an endless cycle of being unsatisfied with ourselves. You need to break the cycle. You have to find love for yourself now, so that in 5 years, you can continue to have love for yourself no matter how you look.

Going through your 20’s is a very transitional time I feel like no one really prepares you for. Be kind to yourself as you navigate these new waters. Being overcritical of yourself isn’t going to help you in any capacity. Have grace for yourself and remain realistic. Your body and mind deserve so much more love and compassion, give that to yourself so you can focus your energies on things that are really going to matter years from now.


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