Feburary recap


February is always a tough month for me. It was filled with a lot of low moments, but also really high highs. I tried so hard to make sure I was taking care of myself during this time. I wanted to share some of the positives from this month. There were a lot and I couldn’t be happier about that. 

This month included dance parties in my room and car to my favorite comfort music: 

  • Clouds- One Direction
  • Change Your Ticket- One Direction  
  • Anything by Jon Bellion 
  • Falling In Love- Julia Wolf
  • Clean- Taylor Swift

February included a Disney trip doing all of my favorite things. A Disney World trip for my favorite Epcot festival. It included reading Crescent City- even though I didn’t really like it. Barnes and Noble trips and tons of hazelnut iced coffees. It included keeping my loved one’s super close. I have such insane gratitude for those who helped me and supported me. I’ll love you forever. 

I’ve let go of what was holding me back. My mindset has changed and I can now truly enjoy the things that bring me joy. Here’s to finally feeling free. 



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