Monthly Music: July Edition

My July Spotify playlist had almost 3 hours worth of songs on it and I got the chance to listen thoroughly to each one. I don't get to do that every month, so it was great to have that for this month. Here are my favorites from that playlist. There weren't many that blew me … Continue reading Monthly Music: July Edition

“That” Girl

I have been bombarded by "That" girl Tik Tok and Youtube videos over the past few months, so let's talk about it. What is "That" Girl? "That" girl is someone who has their whole life together- wakes up early, works out, journals, reads books, eats clean, has a clean space, etc. It is basically the … Continue reading “That” Girl

How I Manifested My Dream Graduate School

You read that title right. I manifested my graduate school acceptance from Pepperdine University and I'm here to tell you how I did it. Manifesting was always something I found interesting and wanted to dive into, but never had an opportunity to do it. The day I submitted my application for Pepperdine was the day … Continue reading How I Manifested My Dream Graduate School